316L Surgical Steel  Banana Bell
316L Surgical Steel  CBR
316L Surgical Steel  Spiral
316L Surgical Steel  Straight Barbell
316L Surgical Steel  curved Barbell
316L Surgical Steel  Labret
Surgical Stainless Steels (316L)

Stainless Steels re-categorised into 4 general classes, base on composition :
200 series steel contains chromium, nickel and manganese.
300 series contains chromium and nickel.
400 series contains chromium and
500 series contains low chromium.
The most corrosion resistant are 300 series steels, hence their popularity for medical implants and body jewelry. However, not all 300 series are
suitable for invasive body piercing applications.
Note : Some suppliers offer 303 steel jewelry. 303 series steels are easy machining steels, they're high in sulphur and elicit negative reactions in nickel         
sensitive persons and should be avoided at all time.

Surgical Stainless Steels (316L) are used for bone fixation screws, body pins, bone plates, total joint prosthetics, bone nails, wire, among many other
Replacement Balls
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