BioPlast Plug System
    - Is extremely flexible
    - Can be cut to any lenght and threaded by any metal ball
    - Causes less swelling and infection
    - Piercings have faster healing times than many other materials
    - No allergic reactions (no nickel)
    - Can be sterelised by autoclaves
    - Can be combines with 316L, Ttanium, Silver or Gold
    kaos software - From USA, the most flexible ultra comfortable earwear in the world! Specially interesting fir
    sports participation and   motocycles helmet wearers. These silicone eyelets are also comfortable to wear while
    sleeping. Made from implatation grade silicone and are washable.
    Glass - All Wildcat glass body jewelry is handmade in borosillicate glass, barium crystal and soda-lime glass.
    Barium  crystal is a high-end, lead free glass. Glass is completely hypoallergenic; as such it cannot and will not
    cause an allergic reaction.
    Polytetrafluoethylene (PTFE)- is an astonishing implantable thermoplastic polymer with amazing
    inertness and excellent biocompatibility,  friction   for PTFE is less than that of ice. It is unaffected by most chemical
    environments and it is very difficult for any other material to bond to it. PTFE is often used        piercers because of
    dramatically fast healing times and by piercing fans who experience reaction to certain metals or alloys. PTFE is
    also flexible.
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