~ Permanent  tattoos
~ UV  tattoos
~ Stock or customized tattoo designs
~ Touching-up or re-colouring of old, faded tattoos
~ Cover-ups
~ Patch test for possible ink allergies
-   Ear Piercing :- Conch, Daith, Helix, Anti-helix, Industrial, Lobe,  Orbital, Tragus, Anti-tragus
-   Ear Hole Enlarging/ Stretching
-  Eyebrow Piercing :- Traditional Eyebrow piercing, Horizontal Brow piercing
-  Other Facial Piercing :- Teardrop/Anti-Eyebrow piercing, Bridge/Erl piercing.
-  Oral Piercing :- Tongue, labret, lips
-  Torso Piercing :- Nipple, Navel
-  Nose Piercing :- Nostril, Septum
-  Sterilisation and changing of body jewelry

Also available : High Grade Titanium Disposable gun piercing for the ear   
We Provide :
We use only genuine and reliable body jewelry for piercing and will provide Aftercare Instruction
Manual for your reference.
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